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It’s been months of tuning and re-tuning at M Roof Hotel & Residences in getting our home complete for all our friends. Being part of the M Boutique Family, our Parents (Owners) are pretty fastidious about offering the best possible services to all our Friends. It may not be a big thing, but M Roof Hotel & Residences has just completed our migration to Digital Transmission TV. What does this mean for you? For one, you will enjoy better clarity of our TV Channels including 4 Free To Air Radios. In tandem with our upgrade to Astro Silver Pack for Hotel Subscriptions, you can now enjoy 6 channels on Full HD. Which channels exactly, err…. sorry but at times we keep forgetting, as there is just so many experiments going on in M Roof! Anyhow here is a video clip of our results, where you can be the judge….. (it may be pretty boring, as it just shows channel after channel and taken from one of our rooms)

While we pride ourselves that we are perhaps the first “big” hotel to offer HD / Digital TV in Ipoh, it is not without it’s quirks. We discovered that the Brand of TV used in M Roof is not very compatible to Digital TV and have reported it to the Company in Malaysia. We are still awaiting the results of the outcome and will do our best to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Thank you for bearing with us all this while, and we are still continuing our upgrades as promised, though we know it’s a little slow in coming, but hopefully it will all be completed by this year end ….

It rained. It poured over here at Pusat Perniagaan Taman Ipoh, Perak right in the heart of Ipoh Garden. Everyone was clamouring for shelter and then the phone went off. “Hello?”, I said. Lightning struck and the wind blew in my face. *Crackle* “Hello! It’s raining very heavy la ….. “, said the caller on the other line. I had a bad feeling about this, as Keep Gallery has a tendency to call us every time it rains wanting to get another location for a photo shoot for their wedding couple. “Aiyah! Cannot you cannot come!”, said I. However, my heart softened as he crooned, “I got an old Austin Car this time leh….. I not asking for M Boutique Ipoh, I asking about M Roof Hotel & Residences!”.

I said, “You know we don’t allow photo shooting at M Roof! It’s a business class hotel!”. He was adamant. He wanted it no matter the costs. “It’s only at your main door …….”. Alas, due to being friend and partner with Keep Gallery, I relented and said “Ok, this time only!!!”. And so in about half and hour they appeared on our doorstep and I was shocked to see the old Austin. He told me he wanted a “Back to Shanghai look” and used our porch with the broadway lights concept as the backdrop. I felt nostalgic, he was busy clicking away …. and here are the results.

Please note : All Photos in this blog post are from Keep Gallery and used with permission. M Roof Hotel & Residences does not allow Pre Wedding Photography in our Premises as we feel that there is not much places to take nice photos unlike our sister M Boutique Ipoh & M Boutique Station 18.

Once upon a romantic evening many moons ago, our parents decided to build 2 Hotels in Ipoh, which has now come to be known as M Boutique Ipoh and M Roof Hotel & Residences respectively. Our parents began their journey by starting both M Boutique Ipoh and M Roof Hotel & Residences simultaneously but M Roof just happened to be a choosy and fussy child, and as such in October 2013, M Boutique Ipoh opened it’s doors. At the time of writing, M Boutique Ipoh has grown up to 4 years of Age, while M Roof is still in it’s infancy. As such we thought that it would be a good time to share some of the progress of our home with you, in chronicling the birth of our first business class hotel, M Roof Hotel & Residences, from the drawing board to actual inception. We would like to give a huge shout out to Mr. Alvin Chow, from Prodigy Design, the Interior Designer of this home.

The orignal spot where we are currently occupying was a bungalow which has been sitting here for a couple of years, in disuse; and as such our parents thought that this would be a good time to try and bring up the name of Ipoh {which if you are familiar with M Botuique, all our properties promote Ipoh and Perak as a whole}. While the foundation laying of M Roof Hotel & Residences began in early 2013, there was a lot of changes to the plans for M Roof, first from Apartments, to Service Suites and ultimately a Hotel with Serviced Apartments. The whole team struggled with the rampant changes but soldiered on despite the skeptics. After numerous cups of white coffee and meals in Ipoh, and wanting to be different from the Boutique feel of both M Boutique Ipoh and Station 18, the team decided to to opt for a neo modernist design, while keeping in the flair of M Boutique, in being minimal yet practical {we do know that M Boutique can be more artistic at times, so we do beg to differ *ahem* in certain aspects…..}.

In late December 2016, the Hotel Team came on board to complete the project, and through sheer willpower, managed to open the hotel in Soft Opening mode on 24 January 2017. The journey does not end here, as M Roof Hotel & Residences continues on it’s journey to full completion by July 2017. Here’s keeping our fingers crossed and thanks to all our friends who have taken the good with the bad during our Soft Opening phases! As always, we will try to continually improve, no matter how sMall, based on all your invaluable feedback that we have amassed over these couple on months!