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Analogue Vs. Digital

TV Transmission Clear?

It’s been months of tuning and re-tuning at M Roof Hotel & Residences in getting our home complete for all our friends. Being part of the M Boutique Family, our Parents (Owners) are pretty fastidious about offering the best possible services to all our Friends. It may not be a big thing, but M Roof Hotel & Residences has just completed our migration to Digital Transmission TV. What does this mean for you?

Keep Gallery & M Roof

A Trip Back In Time

It rained. It poured over here at Pusat Perniagaan Taman Ipoh, Perak right in the heart of Ipoh Garden. Everyone was clamouring for shelter and then the phone went off. “Hello?”, I said. Lightning struck and the wind blew in my face. *Crackle* “Hello! It’s raining very heavy la ….. “, said the caller on the other line.

Facade Design

From Bungalow to Hotel

Once upon a romantic evening many moons ago, our parents decided to build 2 Hotels in Ipoh, which has now come to be known as M Boutique Ipoh and M Roof Hotel & Residences respectively. Our parents began their journey by starting both M Boutique Ipoh and M Roof Hotel & Residences simultaneously but M Roof just happened to be a choosy and fussy child, and as such in October 2013


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