It rained. It poured over here at Pusat Perniagaan Taman Ipoh, Perak right in the heart of Ipoh Garden. Everyone was clamouring for shelter and then the phone went off. “Hello?”, I said. Lightning struck and the wind blew in my face. *Crackle* “Hello! It’s raining very heavy la ….. “, said the caller on the other line. I had a bad feeling about this, as Keep Gallery has a tendency to call us every time it rains wanting to get another location for a photo shoot for their wedding couple. “Aiyah! Cannot you cannot come!”, said I. However, my heart softened as he crooned, “I got an old Austin Car this time leh….. I not asking for M Boutique Ipoh, I asking about M Roof Hotel & Residences!”.

I said, “You know we don’t allow photo shooting at M Roof! It’s a business class hotel!”. He was adamant. He wanted it no matter the costs. “It’s only at your main door …….”. Alas, due to being friend and partner with Keep Gallery, I relented and said “Ok, this time only!!!”. And so in about half and hour they appeared on our doorstep and I was shocked to see the old Austin. He told me he wanted a “Back to Shanghai look” and used our porch with the broadway lights concept as the backdrop. I felt nostalgic, he was busy clicking away …. and here are the results.

Please note : All Photos in this blog post are from Keep Gallery and used with permission. M Roof Hotel & Residences does not allow Pre Wedding Photography in our Premises as we feel that there is not much places to take nice photos unlike our sister M Boutique Ipoh & M Boutique Station 18.